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So I’ve been on the move for quite some time now. Graduated from SSU by Napa, CA, moved to Hawaii for about 6 months, then moved to Lake Tahoe, CA, for about another 6 months, now I am in Martha’s Vineyard, MA, until September. Then I will once again be on the move, back to Hawaii. And potential after that, Australia for school for 2 years.

And I love it. Actually going to a new place in the world that I’ve never been and seeing other lifestyles. Its amazing. But it is tough. Not the whole money problem, I can deal with being broke all the time at this stage in my life, but the whole situation of creating lasting relationships.  I mean I have met some awesome people from all over the country and even other countries. People I will remember until the end of my days. But Its still tough when you are only at a place for a few months and then have to start all over again meeting new people. It can be tough. I definitely miss my friends from home and wish that there were certain people who were on this adventure through life with me.  There are definitely days when it can feel a bit lonely.

But I guess thats a trade off of seeing the world. Especially in the way I am doing it, working for a few months and moving on to the next adventure.  Well shit, I am just kind of rambling right now. I guess I’m a bit homesick and missing that someone who can be a constant in your life.  It’s all good, I am having an awesome time and definitely don’t want to stop this lifestyle anytime soon.

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